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Welcome to R.C Guards
Welcome to R.C. Guards

R C guards are a selection of mudguards specifically designed for kite buggy’s.
The guards are made from tough layers of gel coated fiberglass and are custom designed and built for each individual buggy to stop water, sand & mud spraying up into the pilots face.

We are passionate kiters and have been for some time & to make buggying more enjoyable for our friends, we built and designed these mudguards.
We have been designing & working with fiber glass for around 7 years & have been building mono hull racing dinghy’s & one off moulds but have recently expanded to other items including vehicle body styling kits & specialist one off fiberglass designs.

Each of the guards is hand made & shaped with flowing lines & bags of retro style

You can find more pictures in the Gallery - Click Here

Thursday 03 November 2005 - 13:30:20
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